TCS-NQT Top 100 Codes

Below You will find some of the most important codes in languages like C, C++ and Java. These codes are of prime importance for college semester exams and also for various online tests and interviews of the companies offering placements within varying range in LPA.

These codes are very important since these will help you clear your basic concepts in various languages.

Find the Greatest of the Three Numbers

Find the Greatest of the Three Numbers Given Three integer inputs num1, num2 and num3, the objective is ti write a code to Find the Largest of the Three Numbers in C Language. In this article we will see a  C program to Find Greatest of three numbers in C.

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Check if a Number is Positive or Negative

Check if a number is Positive or Negative This is very important question for beginners who wants to start competitive programming form absolutely zero position. In this article you will be able to learn how to use if – else conditions in every programming language to solve problem with greater

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