Data Structures and Algorithms using Python - Part 2

In this course, we provide insights on the basics of hashing and hash table. The commonly applied sorting and searching algorithms across variety of applications are discussed. Few of the widely used algorithm techniques are also introduced along with its area of application. Analysis of algorithms being one of the vital aspects which helps in identifying the amount of resource getting utilized is also introduced.

What you will learn :

Discuss the concept of hashing and hash table. Introduce commonly applied search algorithms and its usage. Discuss frequently used sort algorithms and its application. Provide insights into basics of algorithm techniques and relate few examples. Discuss fundamentals of algorithm analysis.

Prerequisites required for this course :

To master DS & Algo using python PT2 on infosys springboard platform you will require basic knowledge of python programming and DS & Algo Python PT1 part completed.

Contents of this course :

Final assessment solutions :


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